Digitize Inspection,  maintenance & SGR

48 Hours from now, here’s what you get:

  • Your forms, your processes - all digitized
  • Real-time updates to one more systems (or use standalone)
  • Workflows and approvals enabled from shop-floor and field 
  • Streamline processes for rolling stock, facilities, stops & cones
  • Automated inspection scheduling & reporting
Can I ask you a question?

Can we use our CURRENT Forms?

Yes, iMarq digitizes your forms within 48 hours.

What if we don't have data connectivity everywhere?

No problem.  iMarq supports offline mode.

Is there an EASY way to modify or add forms?

Yes.  It's a simple user-interface to add forms, data elements, drop-downs, etc.

Do I have to change my back-end system?

No. Works with current system.  And it can also work standalone using Connixt cloud for storage and reporting.

We are changing our EAM / CMMS system - should we wait?

You don't need to.  Your users can start saving labor hours right now and once your new system is ready, Connixt will integrate with your new environment.  No change to the mobile app for your users.

What hardware or software do I need to buy to use iMarq?

None. There is NO hardware, NO software to buy, install and maintain.

Use standard tablets and smartphones

Smarter, Simpler, Faster

  • Works with standard smartphones, iOS, Android, and tablets
  • Speech-to-text, drop-downs eliminate data entry
  • Offline mode – even when no connectivity is available
  • NO hardware and NO software to purchase