Safety first:

Here is what can industry do right now to balance safe working environments for employees & contractors and safe working condition for assets:

Prioritize safety/PPE of personnel and the equipment/assets they work on

  • Digital checklist with image capture for appropriate PPE availability and usage before work commences
  • Daily reports from the field on work performed
  • Alerts and Exception reporting for any out-of-compliance locations or assets

Avoid pushing paper around and unnecessary contact at central offices

  • Use tablets and smartphones to capture inspection information, incident reports and trigger corrective work to avoid
  • Crew supervisors and managers to review and approve work, timesheets and expenses from the field
  • Onboard contractors and temp workers on the field with appropriate limitations and security

Minimize crew meetings at central offices and workshops

  • Schedule and allocate work using mobile devices rather than printing and hand-delivering to individual workers or crews
  • Provide in-app instructions, references and call-in capabilities for questions from the field/workshop
  • Enable BYOD with appropriate security restrictions

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